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René Touraine Lectures at ESDR

Here you’ll find all information on this prestigious lecture.

The Fondation René Touraine organises every year, in collaboration with the ESDR team, since 2004, a lecture with prestigious speakers at the ESDR meeting.

In 2019, the invited speaker has been Marja Mikkola

  • ESDR 2004: Fiona Watt: “What New In Keratinocyte Biology ?”
  • ESDR 2005: Dennis Roop: "Genetic Pathways Required For Epidermal Morphogenesis And Differentiation"
  • ESDR 2006: Vincent Hearing: "Emerging Views Of Melanocyte Function In The Skin"
  • ESDR 2007: Brian Nickoloff: "Regulation And Impact Of Cell Death On Normal And Diseased Epidermis"
  • ESDR 2008: Irwin McLean: The Filaggrin Pathway - A Journey From The Keratins To Atopic Dermatitis"
  • ESDR 2009: Sabine Werner: "Stromal-Epithelial Interactions In Wound Repair and Cancer"
  • ESDR 2010: Alain Hovnanian: "Epidermal Serine Proteases And Their Inhibitors In Skin Barrier And Diseases"
  • ESDR 2011: Richard Gallo: "Skin Innate Immunity: About Time We Learn To Fight Dirty"
  • ESDR 2012: Georg Stingl: "The Changing Faces of Epidermal Langerhans Cells"
  • ESDR 2013: Lars French: “The inflammasome, autoinflammation and the skin”
  • ESDR 2014: Thomas Kupper: "Barrier tissue-resident T cells: new insights"
  • ESDR 2015: Marcus Maurer: "Mast Cells - Can’t Live with Them, Can’t Live without Them"
  • ESDR 2016: Angela Christiano : "Genetics, Immunology and targeted therapies in alopecia areata"
  • ESDR 2017: Gian Paolo Dotto : "Genetics and epigenetic basis of cancer stromal cell evolution and field cancerization"
  • ESDR 2019: Marja Mikkola : "Air follicle induction - old and new concepts"

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