Depuis ans, la FRT-Fondation René Touraine est au service de la dermatologie et développe des actions pour soutenir le progrès thérapeutique en dermatologie.
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The Fondation René Touraine and all its members wish you a happy new year !

GIF "Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Fondation Rene Touraine, it is my pleasure to present you my best wishes for you and those you love.

Thanks to your essential contribution, the Foundation is expanding its efforts to improve patient access to high quality skin care all over the world.

As you know, the Foundation is mainly concerned by rare diseases with the Genodermatoses Network and by chronic inflammatory diseases with the Psoriasis International Network.
The major aim of these networks is to improve patient care through the development of therapeutic and clinical research. To achieve such aim, the organisation of thematic consultations for genodermatoses and psoriasis once a week in each department of dermatology is thus very crucial. These consultations allow thereafter to network the dermatologists responsible for these consultations, in order to favour national and international collaborations.

In addition, we work hard to offer to each dermatologist and GP, for free, updated therapeutic information on dermatology that can be easily accessed from their desk. This information is available in French and partially in English (the translation is undergoing). In the near future, this information will also be available in Spanish.

The Foundation’s main goal is to connect caregivers in order to facilitate any action able to help our patients. One of the best ways to foster the development of dermatology is to focus on our patients’ needs."

Professor Louis Dubertret, President of the Board of Directors

GIF "The Rene Touraine Foundation (FRT) has established a high profile annual scientific meeting and competitive international exchange programme. It has also contributed to international scientific dialogue at annual ESDR and EADV meetings by sponsoring named lectures by outstanding scientists.
These activities have been consolidated by expanding the scientific board and creating three subcommitees : for genodermatoses ; psoriasis and dermatological therapy, each with a responsible chair.
These programmes will continue to strengthen the mission of FRT, which is to improve patient care for those suffering from skin diseases.

As Professor Thomas Luger takes over the Presidency of the FRT in May I wish him well in taking the Foundation from strength to strength."

Professor Irene Leigh, President of the FRT’s Scientific Board


"The founders college of Fondation René Touraine would like to send you all of our warmest seasons greetings for this New Year !

"Shared information for share care" will remain one of our challenges for 2013.
Thanks to our partners, exchanges, international collaborations, who with we can extend the sphere of influence of the Fondation."

Dr Frédérique Morizot, President of the Founders College

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