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Therapeutics in Dermatology (June 2013)

A reference book on the management of skin diseases : freely available in French since 2005, and in English since June 2012 !

Thérapeutique Dermatologique, a reference book on the management of skin diseases in French-speaking countries (1288 pages and 333 authors), is available online for free since 2005. The current version of Thérapeutique Dermatologique is composed of 398 chapters, 329 on diseases and 69 on drugs, written by 361 authors.
Therapeutics in Dermatology, the English version of the book, is available for free on the web since June 2012.

Thérapeutique Dermatologique (FR) / Therapeutics in Dermatology (EN)

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IMPORTANT : Since June 2013, the website has two separated accesses :

  • one access for general public/patients with information answering their needs and interrogations
  • one access for health professionals only : the professionals will have to register to access specific information especially dedicated to them. This version of the website will remain free but will be, in a few months, open to advertisement.

Register now in Therapeutics in Dermatology !

With these two separated accesses, Thérapeutique Dermatologique / Therapeutics in Dermatology will better answer the specific needs of patients/general public and those of health professionals.


The book is regularly updated and is being progressively translated in English.
141 chapters are already available in English.
Regarding the French version, 160 chapters were already updated.

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