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Scientific Meeting 2016

The 2016 Scientific Meeting on "Microbiome and Skin" took place in Paris on the 2nd of december 2016. This meeting was a great success and gathered around 130 people from 17 different countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

Please find below the programme of the meeting:

9h00-9h40: Thomas BOSCH (Kiel, DE)
Microbes – Friend or foe

9h40-10h20: Karsten ZENGLER (San Diego, US)
Overview of the skin microbiome

10h20-10h40 Pause

10h40-11h20: Shruti NAIK (New York, US)
Skin immune-commensal dialogue in health and disease

11h20-12h00: Tilo BIEDERMANN (Munich, DE)
Skin microbiome and innate immune response

12h00: Winners of fellowships

12h10: Lunch Break

13h30-14h10: Heidi KONG (Bethesda, US)
Skin microbiome and atopic dermatitis

14h10-14h50: Karin LOSER (Münster, DE)
Skin microbiome and psoriasis

14h50-15h20: Pause

15h20-15h50 Holger BRÜGGEMANN (Aarus, DK)
Skin microbiome and acne

15h50-16h20 Chris CALLEWAERT (Ghent, BE )
Skin microbiome and body odour

 A few pictures of the scientific meeting:

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Countries of origin of the participants’:

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