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Insights on FRT’s international scope (June 2013)

The Foundation Rene Touraine is going international

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Professor Thomas Luger

The Foundation Rene Touraine (FRT), since its creation as a French research organization, has steadily developed into an international platform :

  • The FRT is awarding fellowships to young researchers in the field of clinical and experimental dermatology from several countries all over the world. Since 1993, the FRT has given 104 fellowships for 25 countries (total spending of 645 000 €).
  • Prestigious Rene Touraine lectures, presented by internationally renowned speakers, represent a well-appreciated highlight at international congresses of dermatology such as EADV and ESDR.
  • More recently, the FRT has begun to foster worldwide clinical care networks in the areas of genodermatoses as well as psoriasis and is providing an e-dermatology portal. Some key figures : 31 countries belong to the Genodermatoses Network, and in 2008 this network obtained a European recognition being co-funded for 3 years by European Commission ; some 95 countries participate in the Psoriasis International Network and over 4100 dermatologists and patient representatives receive its newsletter ; FRT created in 2005 a free online version of “Thérapeutique Dermatologique” the reference book in French-speaking countries for dermatology and now the website is being translated in English. Some 140 chapters are already available in English.

All these actions emphasize the international engagement of the FRT.

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