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How to become a FRT partner ?

We have many partnership possibilities between pharmaceutical/cosmetic companies and Fondation René Touraine

What are the partnership possibilities between pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and fondation rene touraine ?


Research fellowships have been awarded since 1993 to 109 young researchers coming from 25 countries, summing up to a granted amount of 678 000 €. The Fondation René Touraine grants at present 1 fellowship of 18 000 € and 4 fellowships of 4 500 €. Since 2011 the fellowship awardees are announced each year at the ESDR René Touraine Lecture.

The name of your company could be associated with one or several of those fellowships.

Scientific Meetings

Since 1993, the Fondation René Touraine organises an annual top-level symposium on a different skin cell, presenting the state of the art on its physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacological modulation. The 21st meeting in 2013 was on « Cutaneous stem cells ».

This annual top-level symposium can be the occasion for a pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry to:
-  meet the leaders in the field,
- to organise a press conference presenting the symposium highlights and the research strategy of your company.


The Fondation René Touraine has set up in 2002 a worldwide directory of leading experts in dermatology, listing for each physician their main topics of interest. This directory has become the official directory of the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS).

The “Who and How” directory is a unique opportunity for your teams in different countries to meet the local experts and hence update the directory through an action valuing those experts.

Psoriasis International Network

The Fondation René Touraine has created the Psoriasis International Network (PIN) in 2005, as a joint action with the EADV Psoriasis Task Force. This network gathers some 4000 dermatologists from 80 countries, as well as patient associations. PIN fosters the development of thematic consultations on psoriasis in each dermatology department, and organizes every 3 years an international congress on psoriasis with a special emphasis on the daily medical practice. This congress has become the main psoriasis congress in the world with almost 1500 participants in 2010. The next congress will take place in July 2013 at Palais des Congrès.

PIN might interest those cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries willing to upgrade their involvement in dermatology and to support international therapeutic and clinical research in the field of psoriasis.
The PIN Congress is also the perfect place to meet practitioners and experts on psoriasis from all over the world.

Therapeutics in Dermatology

Thérapeutique Dermatologique, reference book on the management of skin diseases in French-speaking countries (1288 pages and 333 authors) is available for free on the web since 2005. This website receives 1 million visits a year. The visitors come from 137 countries.

A first english version of about a hundred chapters has been published in 2012 and the translation is going to be continued.

The website will eventually become an international platform for exchanging on the different strategies for the management of skin diseases. In dermatology, the good use of each treatment is well codified but the strategies of use of the available treatment vary greatly from practitioner to practitioner, from patient to patient and from country to country. That is why this website will work as a permanent congress and will be open to the opinion of leading experts on therapeutic strategies.

This platform will have 2 types of access:
- An access for the patients and the general public, which will include medical information and electronic resources, adapted for the education of patients and their families ;
- A private access for health professionals, which will be open to publicity.

The website Thérapeutique Dermatologique might interest cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries willing to:
- Advertise on to upgrade your visibility: the best way to reach dermatologists and GPs from all the world in their daily practice
- Target for the english version: over 10 million visits/ prescribers/ year

The added-value: reach exclusively health professionals

Genodermatoses Network

Since 2003, the action « Genodermatoses Network » is being developed at the European and the Mediterranean level within the framework of rare diseases. As the TAG-project’s coordinator, the President of the Fondation René Touraine has been designed as an expert to the European Union Committee of Experts on Rare Diseases (EUCERD).

This action gathers European, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries in order to find the means to improve the access to health care by patients suffering from severe genodermatoses. This implies the creation of dedicated consultations in each dermatology department, then to network these consultations, and to improve the access of patients to the medication they need. An inventory is undergoing in each country participating to this action in order to list the medicines and medical devices available and needed, which will lead to negotiations between pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and the health authorities of each country.

The Foundation has been able to develop this action thanks to the support of one of its founding members, the Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, and from 2008 to 2011 thanks to the support of a European Union grant.

The Genodermatoses network might interest those cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries willing to:
- Get involved in the health care of rare diseases;
- Upgrade your involvement in dermatology;
- Get experiences in rare diseases management;
- Meet the dermatological community of the EU, the Middle East and the Mediterranean area in an ethical framework.

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