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FRT Fellowship Programme : 5 fellowships will be offered in 2013. Interview with one of our Fellowship‘s Alumni.

Fellowships offered by FRT in 2013 : 4 fellowships of 4500 € each (for short exchange periods) and one of 18000 € (for a long exchange period) are given towards supporting a period spent in a research laboratory or clinical department of a different country, in order to promote international collaborations.

Read more about the 2013 fellowships and conditions to apply. Deadline : 1st October, 2013.

Learn about the career of a 1996 FRT Fellowship Alumni

Enikő Wenczl MD, Ph.D
Fondation René Touraine fellowship was given to me in 1996. The topic of my research was the investigation of the genotoxic effect of UV light in human pigment cells in relation to their melanin content and composition. I was working at that time at the Dermatology Department of Leiden University in the Netherlands (directed by Prof. B.J. Vermeer, later by Prof. R. Willemze) as a guest. The fellowship made me possible to pay the living costs of a 6 month-long stay. Some years later in 2000 I defended my Ph.D. Thesis at Leiden University. The name of the Fondation was acknowledged in my publication Physiological doses of ultraviolet irradiation induce DNA strand breaks in cultured human melanocytes, as detected by means of an immunochemical assay. and in my thesis The dual role of melanins in UV-induced genotoxicity 2000, Leiden University. After getting the Ph.D. degree, I was working 1.5 years in Spain as a postdoctoral researchfellow. Then returning to my homecountry Hungary, I wanted to complete my dermatology specialisation and since then I am working as a dermatologist in St Istvan Hospital in Budapest. Unfortunately in my hospital we have no possibility to do basic research, our department is focused on lymphedema and non-healing wound treatments apart from general dermatology. 

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