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I am a patient

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis affects 1 to 5 p. 100 of the population depending on the regions of the world, but it is difficult to estimate the percentage precisely (...)

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What is atopic dermatitis ?

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The text below has been provided by the ETFAD (European Task Force Atopic Dermatitis) and the EADV (European Association of (...)

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Learn about a dermatological disease

Therapeutics in Dermatology is originally a French-speaking reference book (1288 pages and 333 authors) on the management of skin diseases. In 2005, this book was made available for free on the web thanks to FRT-Fondation René Touraine. Since 2012, the website Therapeutics in Dermatology is equally available in English. Its articles are updated on a regular basis. The website Therapeutics in Dermatology will eventually become an e-Dermatology portal.

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