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Fondation René Touraine

The Fondation René Touraine (FRT) is a European non-governmental, non-profit organization. The purpose of the Fondation René Touraine is to support therapeutic progress in dermatology through actions bringing together dermatologists, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and health authorities.


Sit back and relax while we present the Foundation in a slideshow.

Agnès Touraine

Agnès Touraine, General Secretary of the Fondation René Touraine, presents the foundation's values.

Louis Dubertret

Pr Louis Dubertret, president of the Fondation René Touraine, presents the origin and the formation of the foundation.

Selim Aractingi

Selim Aractingi, president of e-Dermatology Portal Committee, presents Therapeutics in Dermatology.

Christine Bodemer

Pr Christine Bodemer. President of the "Genodermatoses Network Committee", introduces this european and international network.

Luigi Naldi

Dr. Luigi Naldi, President of the Psoriasis International Network (PIN) Committee, presents the different activities of PIN.

Fondation René Touraine