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Transparency statement

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Policy on Financial Support by Commercial Companies

FRT is officially recognised for its public utility. According to French law, the statute of «public utility» for a Foundation implies that there are no relations of subordination between the Foundation and the companies that contributed to the initial endowment of the Foundation.

The Foundation is steered by a Board of Directors, advised by a Scientific Board constituted of European leading professors of dermatology.

FRT supports the improvement of quality access to skin care through actions gathering dermatologists, researchers, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, health authorities and patient associations. FRT aims thus to connect people in order to improve health care access and quality. Because FRT aims to connect all these instigators of therapeutic progress, it is therefore bound to attract the attention of companies which are particularly willing to commit in fostering the development of clinical and therapeutic research in dermatology.

The main actions of the Foundation include:

  • research fellowships,
  • an annual high-level symposium on a different skin cell,
  • a prestigious lecture at ESDR (European Society of Dermatological Research) and at EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology),
  • a reference book on the management of skin diseases available for free on the web,
  • the development and animation of international networks focusing on improving access and quality of skin care, such as the "Genodermatoses & Rare Skin Disorders Network" and the "Psoriasis International Network".

FRT funding allocated for operating costs comes from different resources, none of them incurring a conflict of interest. A 1,5 million euro endowment was gathered by 11 companies 25 years ago, enabling the creation of FRT. 2 representatives of these companies (one for the pharmaceutical companies and one for the cosmetic companies) have a seat at the Board of Directors and can make proposals regarding the the different activities of the Foundation. However, these proposals are submitted to the collegial approval of the Boards of Directors with no tangible counterparts established.

The core activities of FRT are thus funded by the income generated by the endowment, as well as by other private sector and non-profit organisations’ grants. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are indeed solicited for contribution for punctual activities. The commented bibliography published every year for the scientific meeting organised by FRT on a different skin cell function is sponsored in equal share by the majority of the companies having contributed to the initial endowment. Also, the International Congress on Psoriasis, organised by the FRT every 3 years, generates a relevant income to the "Psoriasis International Network" action (registration fees and congress sponsorship). Other expenses of this action, such as the organisation of symposia and work meetings, are sometimes supported by grants from the private sector. Certain operational expenses of the "Genodermatoses & Rare Skin Disorders Network" (salaries and work meetings) are also supported by grants either from the private sector of from other non-profit organisations, such as the EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) for the period 2014-2016 and the European Commission for the period 2008-2011). Besides associating the logo of the partner industry and acknowledging their contribution to the different projects and activities, no merchant counterparts are involved.

Grants given by commercial companies are allocated to cover operational costs (salaries, stationary, communications and website maintenance) and are inscribed in a more global partnership, where the grant aims to support the development of cooperation networks, training activities, clinical and therapeutic research and improvement of skin care management.

Every year, the latest financial report is published on FRT’s website.
To see these financial reports, click here.

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